Farewell Foursquare. I Hardly Knew Thee.

I used to be the King of Melbourne. I sat atop the leader-board casting elitist eyes across the masses. My kingdom was new, slowly burgeoning, yet eager to gather the masses to its bosom. To be honest it’s never really got past that point. Sad really.

No Specials

Move along. Nothing to see here.

Foursquare promised me excitement. It promised me multitudes of special deals just by checking in. The problem is that it turned into an unfullfilling, and sometimes petty, landgrab.

So it is with little regret that I say bon voyage, arrivederci, despedida, mwen kite nou, and adieu.

Sure I held many mayorships and I was glad to lead in an imaginary and metaphysical way. A sort of ghostette. A phantom nodding knowingly from afar.

I just wish there was more to keep me here. Entry into a draw to win a pillow just doesn’t tickle my….ooh I wonder if it’s allergy free?

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08 2011

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